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Problems rising in the north!

Post  M4ximus on Mon Oct 22, 2012 6:42 pm

Hi everyone i'm Maximus and im an addic... Oh yeah right, wrong forum.

Names Max and i'm from the mighty nation of Finland. I'm an byproduct of the FPS generation, and if I go longer than 1 hour without touching a game I start to spazz. Just kidding, but I do enjoy my games and our history (Me&Games<3) goes back to Doom, working my way up to the flashy FPS:s of today.

I also age like fine wine since i've already turned 22 and there is no end in sight. What my life is right now, is school, work and endless hours of shameless gaming (might have played that up a bit).

If you wanna approach me via steam/ forum go ahead i'm always open to new people.


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